01-02 - Figures and security

Figures & security

Maximum speed (km/h)
Average distance (m)
Parachute opening height (m)
Heart rate (bpm)

In the development of the Wingsuit Tandem, our priority has always been safety. The equipment is certified, approved, and is subject to the same rigorous standards and regular checks as in aviation.
This is why the accident rate for tandem jumps is the lowest of all thrill sports: less than 1 in 1 million jumps.

For the Tandem Wingsuit, Skyvibration has chosen to use the most modern equipment, both for the parachute and the wingsuit.
Our wings are top of the range, and the flights are optimised.

  • Our Tandem Wingsuit pilots are the only ones in the world certified for this activity.
  • Skyvibration has demonstrated that the level of safety in Tandem Wingsuiting reaches Excellence, in order to obtain its certifications.
  • Our equipment is the most modern available.
  • Already more than 300 flights.