Marine Descols


Marine grew up on Reunion Island.

At the age of 12 she discovers freefall during a tandem with a friend, and it's love at first sight!... But too young, it will take a few more years before she can start!

Coming from a sea-loving family, she spent much of her childhood sailing from island to island in the Indian Ocean, swimming with whales and diving with sharks.

At the age of 17, she can finally start skydiving, at a slow pace, in order to continue her studies in Metropolitan France, where she trains as a Kinesitherapist.

At the same time, she leaves to learn the profession of Safari Guide in South Africa, and travels as much as possible, on all continents.

After graduating from physiotherapy, she goes to work in London, where she meets the world of air during a wind tunnel camp, and decides it's time to go back to the sky!

This was followed by a move to the Alps where she discovered skiing, BASE jumping, speedflying and speedriding.

A few years later, she meets Vincent at a skydiving centre, and knows she has just met her ideal life partner.

He introduces her to kite and wingsuit, and adventures follow one another from one end of the planet to the other, where they practice all these activities together.

In 2014, she discovered therapeutic hypnosis by chance, and it was a revelation. She completely threw herself into training and then opened her consulting practice in Savoie. (

At the same time, wingsuit camps with Vincent are multiplying. 

On this occasion, she combines her tools and experience as a therapist with her sports activity, and gradually specializes in the use of mental coaching tools for educational purposes.

Vincent, for his part, is perfectly in tune with the evolution of this vision of things and wishes to deploy the universe of possibilities through human flight.

It's the birth of Sky Vibration.

Portrait of Marine Descols au bord du lac d'Annecy



Level 3 Diving



150 BASE jumps

1500 skydive jumps

wingsuit initiator

Co-founder of Dénivélator in speedriding in 2012

Wings For Love 2018 participant

2019: Co-creator of wind tunnel workshops including mental and physical preparation with Satori Factory.

Experience wingsuit Sky Vibration multi jump experience

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