Prerequisites before the big jump

This page contains everything you need to know before jumping, as well as the prerequisites for a tandem wingsuit flight.
Wingsuit baptism with man in white

3, 2, 1 ... fly!

Is your wingsuit flight booked yet?

All you have to do is get ready! 

Step 1: Download and read our Medical Questionnaire now.

You'll need to sign it on D-Day, but it will let you know in advance whether you're fit to jump now, or whether a certificate from your doctor is required.

Step 2 (optional): You're giving the jump as a gift? Print out the gift voucher!

We've prepared a gift voucher for you to print out and fill in manually with the information from your order, and all your love for the person you're spoiling! 

You'll find the exact times and address just below on this same page! (Timetables are updated throughout the year, so check before you come if you're unsure!) 

Step 3: Organize your trip!

Find your flight's address and pick-up times (specific to each destination)

(They will be communicated on this page at the beginning of the season and updated if necessary, so check the page before you come!)

When you placed your order, you chose one of the 4 available slots for the day:check which schedule it corresponds to depending on your destination!

Exact times may be updated during the season: please check them a few days before you jump! (Only your slot shouldn't change, except in the event of capricious weather!)  

Early morning slot: RDV at 

Late morning slot: RDV at 

Early afternoon slot: RDV at 

Late afternoon slot: RDV at 



Address : Vertical T'air : Aérodrome de, Av. de l'Aérodrome, 33260 La Teste-de-Buch

GPS point

Early morning slot: RDV at 

Late morning slot: RDV at 

Early afternoon slot: RDV at 

Late afternoon slot: RDV at 



Address: Parachutisme71, Aeroport de Chalon - Champforgeuil, 71530

GPS point

Early morning slot: RDV at 

Late morning slot: RDV at 

Early afternoon slot: RDV at 

Late afternoon slot: RDV at 




Address: Aube Parachutisme - Centre de Chute Libre, Aérodrome de Brienne-Le-Château, 10500 Précy-Saint-Martin

GPS point 


Early morning slot: RDV at 

Late morning slot: RDV at 

Early afternoon slot: RDV at 

Late afternoon slot: RDV at 

Address: SKYDIVE CENTER Aérodrome Gap, 160 Rue Pierre-Georges Latécoère, 05130 Tallard

GPS point

Lodging : You can find plenty of accommodation options through AirBnB. 
However, if you want a hotel on the airfield opposite the skydiving center, we highly recommend
the hotel Le Cap that make excellent breakfasts!
(And I promise... they didn't sponsor us to write this for you!)

Early morning slot: RDV at 

Late morning slot: RDV at 

Early afternoon slot: RDV at 

Late afternoon slot: RDV at 


Address: AÉROCLUB DU DAUPHINÉ ( Ciel d'Aventure) 295 Rte de Saint-Hilaire, 38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs

(Warning: last year many people ended up at another flying club 1 hour away... Be sure to enter the full address or use the GPS Point below). 

GPS point 

Early morning slot: appointment at 09:00 am.

Late morning slot: appointment at 11:00 a.m.

Early afternoon slot: meet at 1:00 pm

Late afternoon slot: appointment at 3:00 pm

Address: SKYDIVE SPA Rue de la Sauvenière 122, 4900 Spa, Belgium

GPS point 

Etape 4 : Des questions ?

Perhaps your questions will be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

If not, don't hesitate to contact us directly! (call, whatsapp, sms...)

Marine : +33 6 16 37 70 47

Vincent : +33 7 86 42 53 40

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? You'll probably find your answer here. We've based this FAQ on questions often asked by our previous jumpers:

The duration of a wingsuit jump session with SkyVibration depends on several factors, including the type of jump (airplane or helicopter), the jump location, and the weather conditions. In general, you can expect a session to last around 2h. between preparation, flight, jump and post-jump debriefing.

In more detail, a climb in an aircraft takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on altitude and the type of aircraft chosen.
The wingsuit flight itself takes an average of 1min20 at 4000m, and almost 2min when you jump from 6000m. Of course, this parameter varies according to your flying position and weight.

Once the parachute is open, you have about 8 to 10 minutes of more contemplative canopy flight, again depending on the weather conditions and.... your desire to perform acrobatics under canopy!

Below 15°C on the ground: wear technical thermal clothing (2nde skin) under your jacket (hoodless if possible) and pants (sports or jeans). Possibly thin gloves, depending on how you manage the cool air.

Between 15° and 25°C on the ground: a pair of pants and a jacket (hoodless if possible)

Above 25°C on the ground : shorts and t-shirt, or just a little warmer, depending on your needs.

Note: loose-fitting clothing reduces the sensations once in flight, so prefer clothes that are closer to the body.

We have a range of combinations available in several sizes to lend you for the experience.

  Did you know? 

La température diminue d’environ 6°C tous les 1000m supplémentaires.

We'll let you do the math for 4000 m! 

Please note, however, that as we won't be staying there for long, there's no need to arrive up there in skiwear! 

Of course, this depends on the time of your flight, but the ideal is simply to have eaten a light meal at your usual time, before coming (to avoid hypoglycemia, without the risk of being smeared when you get on the plane!). 

To quote the famous maxim from Into the Wild: "Happiness is only real if it is shared".
Your family and friends are of course welcome to attend the briefing, and we'll give them all the information they need to enjoy the experience with you.

Let us know if there are many of you, so we can plan ahead for coffee! 

At the time of booking, you didn't have the budget to take a video, and you regret it?

Don't panic: let us know as soon as possible so that we can book our videoman, and we'll try to arrange to provide this extra service (provided the videoman is still available, of course!), in which case you can pay for this option on the spot, by bank transfer, credit card or cash.

Our team will welcome you for your briefing, and your instructor will introduce you to the equipment and the jump procedure: this is the time to ask all your questions! Accompanying persons are welcome at the briefing.

  1. Your instructor will fit you with a wetsuit and harness, followed by a physical warm-up to prepare you for your flight.
  2. Boarding the aircraft.
  3. 10 to 25 minutes of ascent, depending on the chosen jump altitude: the essential instructions are repeated, and you enjoy the breathtaking scenery.
  4. At your chosen departure altitude, the door opens and you take a deep breath of fresh air.
  5. Fabulous acceleration followed by 1-2 minutes of flight at 200-250 km/h.
  6. 1600m high: the parachute opens. The calm settles in for a 7-8 minute panoramic flight to the ground: a privileged moment before the soft landing.
  7. You'll then have plenty of time to enjoy your return to Earth, while we prepare to watch the video, if there is one, and analyze the GPS data from the flight.

The good news: You don't need any skydiving experience! Your instructor is a qualified professional who will supervise your jump and guide you from A to Z.

  • No age limit.
  • BMI below 31.
  • Weights from 40 to 85 kg.

    Weights between 85 and 90 kg can be flown. For safety reasons, physical fitness is a determining factor, and we will consider this possibility on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us before booking your flight.

Finally, as with a traditional tandem skydive, you need to ensure your overall health.

To do so, download our medical questionnaire 

The Skyvibration team developed the Tandem Wingsuit activity for 3 years before it was validated by the relevant aeronautical authorities.
Numerous experts were called in to study every detail of each stage (material, technical, human factors, etc.).

Numerous wingsuit load-carrying tests were carried out before human flight.
Independent monitors were hooked up as passengers, simulating incidents, to objectively validate each procedure.
Safety protocols have been studied, tested, filmed and measured using GPS to demonstrate their reliability.

Although this is a new and unique activity worldwide, the parachute used is approved equipment. This type of equipment is used in several million tandem jumps around the world every year, and includes a reserve parachute. 
All our flights are carried out with an approved safety release that guarantees the opening of the reserve canopy, even without the instructor's intervention.

Finally, we're still a long way from relief: it's not BASE jumping!

It is possible to be on the same plane if you jump on the same day, but this requires organization.
In fact, there are only two instructors in the world who can take you flying! Luckily, Vincent and Ambroise are both with Skyvibration. But they're not always on the same spot at the same time, so if it's a special request, please let us know in advance. However, this may not always be possible, given their respective schedules!

On the other hand, flying side-by-side would require a lot of training, and for safety reasons, we don't offer it.

Besoin d'aide pour choisir quelle expérience choisir ?

Découvrez notre gamme d’expériences uniques en wingsuit tandem, conçues pour vous offrir des souvenirs inoubliables dans les cieux. Choisissez parmi trois options passionnantes :

  1. Saut en Wingsuit Tandem depuis un Avion : Envolez-vous au-dessus des paysages pittoresques en sautant depuis un avion spécialement équipé pour l’expérience wingsuit. Profitez d’une vue panoramique incroyable alors que vous planez en tandem avec nos parachutistes professionnels.

  2. Saut en Wingsuit Tandem depuis un Hélicoptère : Vivez une expérience raffinée et premium en choisissant notre option hélicoptère. Profitez du luxe d’un hélicoptère privatisé et explorez des destinations prestigieuses lors de votre saut en wingsuit tandem.

  3. Expérience sur Mesure en Wingsuit Tandem : Pour une aventure entièrement personnalisée, optez pour notre expérience sur mesure. Choisissez vos lieux préférés, définissez l’événement de vos rêves et concevez votre saut en wingsuit tandem selon vos envies.

Quel que soit votre choix, nous vous promettons une expérience de vol inégalée et un souvenir gravé à jamais dans votre esprit. Réservez dès maintenant et laissez-nous vous guider vers des souvenirs inégalés dans les cieux.

N’hésitez pas à contact-us pour planifier les détails de votre vol sur mesure.

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