01-05 - Getting ready

Getting ready

How to get organised?

Precautions Before the jump, it is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol or drugs.
We recommend eating light, and in small quantities.

Timing You arrive on time or a little early. The time given to you is the time of your arrival on the site, not the time of the jump.

Duration on site Allow about 3 hours between your arrival and departure after the flight. As the atmosphere of our beautiful planet is not always predictable, it is possible that your adventure will be a little longer. The best thing to do is to book a half-day trip.

How to dress?

  • Below 15°C on the ground: take thermal technical clothing (2nd skin) under your jacket (if possible without a hood) and under your trousers (sportswear or jeans). Possibly thin gloves depending on how you manage the cool air.
  • Between 15° and 25°C ground: bring trousers and a jacket (if possible without hood)
  • Above 25°C ground: shorts and t-shirt, or slightly warmer depending on your needs.

Please note: loose fitting clothing reduces the feeling in flight, so wear something close to your body.
Important: the temperature drops by about 6°C every additional 1000m, so for flights at 5000m or 6000m altitude dress accordingly!

Equipment for the flight

A pair of glasses will be lent to you. If you wish to keep your own sunglasses, they must be fitted with a system for holding them on the back of the head.
If you use prescription glasses, we will provide you with over-glasses, but contact lenses are recommended.

Long hair must be tied back before boarding.

If your ears are sensitive to noise or wind, please bring earplugs. We will provide you with them if necessary.