SkyVibration - Tandem wingsuit flight
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Wingsuit Tandem :
a one-of-a-kind adventure!

At SkyVibration, we offer a wingsuit flying experience that's safe and accessible without any previous experience.

At SkyVibration, we offer a wingsuit flying experience that's safe and accessible without any previous experience.

Welcome to the world of wingsuits and human flight

Indeed, wingsuiting is not necessarily base jumping.
It's this winged flying squirrel combination that lets you glide farther and longer.  

...And in wingsuiting, you ALWAYS land with a parachute!

BASE jumping (acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth) is an activity in which you jump with a parachute from a fixed point. With or without a wingsuit.

You have no skydiving experience, but those images of flying squirrels make you fantasize?
Discover tandem wingsuiting with Skyvibration, the only company in the world to offer this activity from a plane or helicopter, and live man's oldest dream in complete safety!

Discover these places from the sky

Discover wingsuiting in Haute-Savoie

Close to Chamonix and Geneva, take the plunge from a helicopter with a view of Mont Blanc. Choose an altitude between 4,000 and 6,000 meters and experience the first few seconds of freefall, just like base jumping, but in complete safety.

Would you like to fly in Switzerland?

Fly a wingsuit in one of the world's most beautiful mountain landscapes, above the Eiger, and watch base jumpers leap from the cliffs you've serenely flown over at high altitude!

Surf 4000m above the ocean

For ocean lovers, discover wingsuit flying over Arcachon (France) ! Fly over the Dune du Pilat and the sandbanks that change with the tides.

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The SkyVibration crew

Meet the passionate professionals behind SkyVibration.
Our team is dedicated to providing you with a safe and unforgettable wingsuit jumping experience.

Our other fields of action

Because in addition to tandem wingsuiting, we also offer other services...
discover our different fields of action.

Le projet de vol en wingsuit autonome E-Wings SkyVibration

R&D :
Our E-Wings project

Discover E-Wings, our turbine-powered wingsuit solo winsguit project!
Thanks to a system of turbines integrated into our equipment, we explore the flight domains of the flexible combination.

SkyVibration - Tandem wingsuit flight

Seminars and conferences

Human flight is also a great school of life, with many adventures and anecdotes that we're always happy to share at our conferences and seminars.

SkyVibration - Tandem wingsuit flight

Air Shows and Cinema

From the organization and coordination of stunts for the cinema, to the realization of aerial images, call on our team, and our vast network of professionals for the organization of your show, or your fictional images.

SkyVibration - Tandem wingsuit flight

Wingsuit training and coaching

Are you a skydiver who wants to improve your freefall or wingsuit skills?
Come and discover our courses, or our instructors for private, tailor-made coaching!


Passenger satisfaction is our top priority.
Because we enjoy flying as much as you do...

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Our network: Friends and partners of SkyVibration

During our exciting journey, we forged valuable relationships with business partners and friends who share our love of flying. Discover them here!

SkyVibration - Tandem wingsuit flight

About SkyVibration

"SkyVibration is the adventure of a lifetime in the sky. We offer wingsuit flights, air shows and much more. 

Our mission? To offer you a unique, tailor-made experience. "

Frequently asked questions

Wingsuiting is an extreme sport in which you jump from a great height, usually from a plane or helicopter, and fly through the air using a special wingsuit. The wingsuit creates a lifting surface that allows you to glide and maneuver through the air before opening your parachute for a safe landing.

At SkyVibration, we want your wingsuit flying experience to be both exciting and safe. Participants must be physically fit, over 18 years of age, and have previous skydiving experience. All wingsuit jumps are supervised by our qualified instructors.

No, you don't need your own wingsuit to jump with us. SkyVibration provides all the equipment you need for your jump, including wingsuit, parachute and safety equipment.

The duration of a wingsuit jump session with SkyVibration depends on several factors, including the type of jump (airplane or helicopter), the jump location, and the weather conditions. In general, you can expect a session to last between 3 and 5 hours, including preparation, flight, jump and post-jump debriefing.

Be careful to distinguish between wingsuiting and wetsuiting, since we use the same word.

A new wingsuit (the winged suit that allows you to glide) costs between 1,200 and 2,000 euros, which isn't much for a made-to-measure suit that flies! 
Price variation depends on the type of combination you use. (from beginner to expert).

Then there's the price of the parachute (and special equipment). A new parachute costs around 10,000 euros, and 20,000 euros for a tandem...

However, our wingsuits used for tandem wingsuiting are specifically modified by specialists... add a small 1000 euro bill for this custom modification, for a suit that will be too worn after a hundred jumps...

Besoin d'aide pour choisir quelle expérience choisir ?

Découvrez notre gamme d’expériences uniques en wingsuit tandem, conçues pour vous offrir des souvenirs inoubliables dans les cieux. Choisissez parmi trois options passionnantes :

  1. Saut en Wingsuit Tandem depuis un Avion : Envolez-vous au-dessus des paysages pittoresques en sautant depuis un avion spécialement équipé pour l’expérience wingsuit. Profitez d’une vue panoramique incroyable alors que vous planez en tandem avec nos parachutistes professionnels.

  2. Saut en Wingsuit Tandem depuis un Hélicoptère : Vivez une expérience raffinée et premium en choisissant notre option hélicoptère. Profitez du luxe d’un hélicoptère privatisé et explorez des destinations prestigieuses lors de votre saut en wingsuit tandem.

  3. Expérience sur Mesure en Wingsuit Tandem : Pour une aventure entièrement personnalisée, optez pour notre expérience sur mesure. Choisissez vos lieux préférés, définissez l’événement de vos rêves et concevez votre saut en wingsuit tandem selon vos envies.

Quel que soit votre choix, nous vous promettons une expérience de vol inégalée et un souvenir gravé à jamais dans votre esprit. Réservez dès maintenant et laissez-nous vous guider vers des souvenirs inégalés dans les cieux.

N’hésitez pas à contact-us pour planifier les détails de votre vol sur mesure.

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