01-03 - Our Wingsuit pilots

Pilots and videomans

The Tandem Wingsuit is a great novelty in the history of skydiving, created by Skyvibration after several years of development.

A world exclusive that our experts want you to discover, thanks to individual and personalised support throughout the experience.

The Only 2 Tandem Wingsuit pilots in the worldVincent and Ambroise will take the time to talk to you and will put you at ease so that you can enjoy every second of the flight.


Vincent Descols

  • Air Navigation Engineer
  • Tandem and Wingsuit Instructor
  • E-Wings Pilot and Airplane Pilot
  • BASE jumper and Speed-flyer

- 5000 jumps
- 6 Gold and 2 Silver medals in Wingsuit competitions
- 300 flight hours Aircraft
- 1000 speed-flying flights


Ambroise Serrano

  • PAC/Tandem and Wingsuit instructor
  • Indoor wind tunnel flight instructor
  • Base jumper and Speed-flyer

- 4000 jumps
- 150 hours of wind tunneling
- 2 Gold and 1 Silver medal in wingsuit competitions
- 1000 Speed-Flying flights.


Flight operator & videographer: Marine Descols

  • Wingsuit Instructor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Mental Coach

- 2000 jumps
- 2 Gold and 1 Silver medal in wingsuit competitions
- 5 years of mental coaching, specialising in hypnosis.


You will fly in patrols with high level wingsuit pilots, capable of safely filming your flight at high speed. And they are beautiful, smiling, and majestic.