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The Ultimate Human Flight Project

E-Wings is the ultimate human flight project: electric turbines combined with a Wingsuit!

The pilot is at one with the wing and the compact thrust system.

Thanks to the most modern source of energy, the low temperature exhaust allows the 4 powerful engines to be attached to the body at chest level, for better balance and natural feel.

The team
Vincent Descols

E-wings pilot
Co-founder E-wings
Wingsuit World Champion
Tandem Instructor

Marine Descols

Mental Coach
Wingsuit Instructor

Cédric Noël

Electronics technician
Flight operator
Wingsuit Instructor

David De Nardis

Electronics technician
Co-founder E-Wings



Total weight (kg)
Rotations per minute
Supported acceleration
Maximum speed (km/h)


Total weight in flight
Kevlar protection

This 1st version of the E-wings is the most powerful electric motorization ever mounted on a wingsuit.
With 56kg of thrust and 45kW of electric power, our prototype is about 3 times more powerful than the BMW advertising version developed in parallel, whose flight demonstration was masterfully performed by Peter Salzmann, visible here :

Our 1st E-Wings system is not only about flight performance, but also about making dreams come true. Dreams that unite us, and turn us into better humans !

The story

Vincent and David had never met before.

David lives in China, Vincent in the French Alps.
Thanks to hundreds of hours of secret self-funded work in a basement, and despite the geographical distance and the time lag, they managed to build and test successfully the 1st E-Wings prototype in less than 8 months!

We are now working on the optimization of this prototype.

In the meantime, we are already developing version 2.0 of the E-Wings, redesigning completely the Wingsuit and the engine system for a tremendously enhanced level of performance!

The adventure has actually just begun, and the future is as promising as exciting!

Thank you for supporting and sharing this dream!

Investing / Supporting

"Human flight has always been a dream. 

Electric is the future. 

Flying an Electric powered Wingsuit is the beginning of a new era of aviation and technology."

E-Wings is the most exciting and elaborated showroom for a concentrate of modern technologies.

  • High exhaust speed electric engines, relevant and applicable to future aircrafts.
  • Use of smaller and lighter next generation batteries.
  • New generation of custom powerful wingsuit and to increase glide (inflatable wings).
  • Fully integrated system (engines + batteries) in a carbon wing under the wingsuit pilot, foil-like design.
  • Ejection system for pilot safety.
  • Patent applications

The team is looking for partners who share the same pioneering spirit and the dynamic energy of adventurers. 


What can be done with a formation of 3 pilots flying the E-Wings?

  • Paid Demos and Aerial Shows paid airlines                                                        
  • Partnerships with large companies (electric cars, aviation, battery manufacturers, etc.).
  • Rental or sale a smaller and more accessible model for advanced wingsuiters, willing to experiment with electric wings after a specific training, provided exclusively by the Team. There is a strong demand for this experience.

"The race for the ultimate human flight tool has always raised humanity to its best, and when we imagine what's next, the future is as promising as exciting!"

We believe that everyone has something worthwhile and helpful to offer to such an ambitious dream. It can be ideas, knowledge, human networks, financial donations, investments, or simply positive energy, time, and good vibes.

If, like us, you feel that altogether we can touch the stars, contact us or call directly our chief pilot : +33 7 86 42 53 40


Financial perspectives

The range of applications reaches far beyond wingsuit flying. 

  • High exhaust speed electric motors with powerful small batteries and innovative electronics innovativecan be used not only foraeronauticbut as well in many outdoor sports : ski touring, roller skating, bikes, kick scooters, and basically every rolling or sliding equipment!
  • An adaptative system with batteries in a backpack, providing extra thrust when needed : 1 for all mobility devices.
  • The inflatable wings can have military and civilian applications : small and ultralight aircrafts, with retractable and low volume wings have been one of the goals of humanity for decades.
  • Combining new gereration of electric thrust with new generation of wings, into a flying formation of human pilots, is a strong symbol and the ultimate display of our civilisation achievements and unity.